Implicit and explicit weighting of the population in the allocation of a global CO2 budget
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data status
EDGAR Sep 22 The corresponding sheets are hidden by default.  Emissions due to fossil fuel use and cement production excluding emissions from international shipping and aviation (ISA) for all countries in the world (excluding land use change; LUC); EU database.
EEA Apr 23  Total anthropogenic CO2 emissions for the EU according to the European Environment Agency.  
UBA Apr 23  Total anthropogenic CO2 emissions for Germany according to the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).  
GCP Nov 22  The Global Carbon Project is a Global Research Project of Future Earth and a research partner of the World Climate Research Programme.          
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4.4 Formula year emission neutrality improved
4.3 Formula year emission neutrality improved; sheet "graphs EDGAR" added
4.2 Data EEA updated (emissions including 2021)
4.1 Data for Germany updated (Source: Federal Environment Agency; UBA)
4.0 Data for Germany updated (Source: Federal Environment Agency; UBA)
3.9 Data GCP updated
3.8 Data EDGAR updated (emissions including 2021)
3.7 Sheet "PDF" added.
3.6 Formula error corrected in the calculation of the scope of the budget taking into account the actual emissions after 2019 for Germany.
3.5 Sheet "EU EEA": For Germany, the actual emissions in 2021 according to the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) are taken into account.
3.4 Sheet "Data export" extended
3.3 Sheet "Data export" added
3.2 Emissions 2020 added to the "EU EEA" sheet for use in an Excel tool for determining emission paths.
3.1 Data EEA updated (emissions including 2020)
3.0 Added link to Excel tool for deriving a CO2 budget from Germany's climate targets.
2.9 Description of covered emissions under data basis "EDGAR" resp. "EEA" improved.
2.8 Added sheet for the EU, based on all anthropogenic CO2 emissions (data basis: EEA)
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#### Additional information: Year Emission neutrality with linear emission paths
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#### Distribution of global budget from 2016 added in the sheet "calculation NB"
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1.4 Updating of emission figures and conversion to population figures EDGAR
1.5 Updating of global LUC emissions (source: Global Carbon Project)