base data
input fields[1]   for the calculation of the reference values info base year
      year:  1990 2010 2015 2018 2019 unit
 annual emissions 3.81     3.04 2.92 Gt  
 budget 2020 - 2100 30.49 Gt
 minimum annual emissions (a negative value stands for net negative emissions); Emin: 0.00 Gt 0.0%  is applied to the emissions in 2019
To which (political) unit do the figures refer? EU27
 Should a temporary corona reduction be considered? no
 What is the percentage decrease due to the corona crisis in 2020 compared to 2019? 5.0%
 After how many years should the additional corona effect be reduced to zero? 3

An existing link with the sheet "EU27" can be overwritten. A macro with which the link can be re-established is offered in the "EU27" sheet.