National paths based on a given national budget (Extended Smooth Pathway Model)
The following figures show the respective characteristics of the RM Scenario Types 1 - 6.
Cells shaded in yellow in the following sheets are input fields, where you can enter data.
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DOI   10.5281/zenodo.4580310 Zenodo
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Detailed description of the RM Scenario Types: Zenodo Background paper on the ESPM:
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72.0 New definition of "year emission neutrality" implemented; EDGAR emission data updated (now up to and including 2022)
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60.0 Graphics sheet "fig big six" improved
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55.0 A reference error regarding the reference values 2030 vs. 2019 has been corrected. This value is given in the sheet "output countries".
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53.0 Conversion from IPCC SR15 to IPCC AR6