Abbreveatiom Content remarks ctrl macros
BG budget (cumulative emissions) e Converging per capita emissions for example 3 countries or globally
bn / Gt Billion o Solver
BY base year j GS implicit budget
C_RB weighting population in the weighted key "population" and "emissions" in the base year; weighted key is used to allocate the global remaining cumulative budget to countries l Output_Countries
C_t weighting factor per capita b Goal Seek Makro
CY convergence year w Output_Weighting
E_t Emissions in the year t
ER Escalation rate
ER_RR Escalation rate to reduction rate
Gt billon tons
IWP Implicit Weighting Population
P Population
PC_t Proport. distribution growing emissions per capita
RB_i remaining cumulative budget of country i; global: of the world
RR_20 Reduction rate in the year 2020
RR_t Reduction rate resp. change rate in year t
t year
TV threshold value